Signs of Spring






Between one of our neighbors and our property is a raised flower bed lined in brick. Part of it is falling down and it straddles the property line. Eventually we’ll remove the bed—another project for another month—but several clumps of bulbs came up a month or so ago and now they are finally blooming. Turns out they appear to be paperwhites. We’ll likely relocate the ones that are on our side to another part of the yard. Aside from some other random plants in the bed there’s also a dogwood which is unfortunately not on our side. I bet it’ll be pretty come spring!

So happy for warm weather and lengthening days!

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5 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Gayle Bicik says:

    Pretty – good for my eyes!

  2. Beegirl says:

    Gorgeous! Have some in the greenhouse currently.. too bad they are PLASTIC!
    Bury your nose in them for me..
    : ))

  3. chel says:

    Oh how BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait for daylight savings to start. I miss that extra hour so much.

  4. Moosie says:

    Aw we! Beautiful!!!!!

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