Appalachian Trail 2010

The Trail South of Waynesboro | AT Video of the Week

This week we’re going to jump ahead to north-central Virginia and just go for a nice walk in the woods. We’d just left Paul C. Wolfe shelter after holing up there for the afternoon and evening the day before while it rained. We’d come nearly 16 miles from the Maupin Field shelter that morning and had made good time, arriving mid-afternoon to the Wolfe shelter. Had it not been raining I think we’d have gone straight into Waynesboro that evening instead. However, the next morning dawned clear and bright, and we booked it for Rockfish Gap where we called for a shuttle into Waynesboro. Our destination—and what I know I was thinking about in that video—was Weasie’s Kitchen. After filling up on food (and finding out a very generous trail angel bought our meal) we got a hotel for the night, did laundry, and milled about town for the day.

Just a walk in the woods…


  • Kyle

    A break in the Mississippi weather has got me seriously jonesing for a backpacking trip. I was calculating my work schedule in my head while I was hiking around my little hometown national park today! These videos aren’t helping with my wanderlust! haha

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