A Bunch of Lazy Bums

Fred is the resident cat who does not wander very far from the house. Every now and then I find him far down the driveway but usually he’s cuddled up in a spot on the south side of the man cave. Or on my truck.

Isis has been enjoying some freedom by jumping fences lately.

Ruby inches above Mr. Stripey in the competition for noisiest cat. She’s easy to figure out when you can’t see her but only hear her.

The sunshine is a great place to take a bath.

Or scratch your head.

Momma comes and joins the party.

And parties a little more hearty by hanging out on Chris’ truck.

The ferals are a silly bunch of cats but very entertaining and I love ’em anyway.

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3 thoughts on “A Bunch of Lazy Bums

  1. ChiotsRunc says:

    What sweeties, you’ve got a nice bunch of cats there! Cats are such great companions in the garden. We also find them invaluable when it comes to rodent control, which in turn helps with deer ticks as well.

  2. chel says:

    *swooooon* love the kitties!

  3. Moosie says:


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