Hiking,  Washington State

Sprite Lake | Enchantment Lakes & Wenatchee National Forest

After we found ourselves at Perfection and Inspiration Lakes we wound our way around the north end of Perfection back down towards the much smaller Sprite Lake.


We took a few minutes here for a snack and photo break. There were several wildflowers along the path that I won’t even try to identify, though I did briefly look online. If you are familiar with alpine flora in Washington state please help me out!

I do think these are some kind of phlox though.

These little flowers are reminiscent of blueberries so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in that family.




Sprite Lake was a pleasant resting point before we descended slightly to Leprechaun Lake. I love the naming conventions of these lakes, the habitat definitely felt as if tiny sprites and leprechauns could have been living there!

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