Macadamia Seeds

Chris’ dad and step-mom went to Hawaii a few months ago and brought back a package with two macadamia tree seeds. Despite that we’re in zone 9A, barely, we definitely get some chill hours here that only 30 minutes down the road into the urban heart of Houston does not get. We’re at the north end of a zone that allows us to grow avocados (apparently Fantastic is the cultivar that does best here) so I thought we’d give it a try and grow the macadamias out and see what happens.

We soaked them overnight as per the package directions….well, actually it was a few days because I forgot to take them out and plant them. Oops! I planted them last week and so far they haven’t sprouted. I’m not surprised, the outer coating on the seeds is pretty tough so I don’t expect them to be fast sprouters.

I found that Caldwell Nursery south of town lists them as zone 9b tolerant, so I’m not sure how this little experiment is going to go. I drooled over the nursery’s listing of tropicals, they sell some of the plants we saw often in south Florida. I’m going to have to visit their nursery sometime in the near future that’s for sure!


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