Chris ordered several interesting native plants for our garden and jack-in-the-pulpits were some of the ones that we received. They came to us as tiny corms and sprouted faster than I expected. It would be really cool to have them naturalize in our more shady and moist areas of the yard.

This is a pretty interesting write up as is this.

Do you grow any unique native plants?


  • Beegirl

    I love these! So did my grandmother. We have a few that have popped up around the house. There is one by the air conditioner that grows waist high.. It seems to like the northern exposure..!

  • Cindy, MCOK

    Hey, Misti, thanks for stopping by My Corner of Katy! The jack-in-the-pulpits are so endearing … may they do well for y’all! I have finally acknowledged to myself that there are NO moist shady spots in my garden and I should stop torturing plants that love those conditions. I’ll make one exception: Indian Pinks, Spigelia marilandica.

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