Sunny Sunday….errr Make that Wednesday


+I bleached our luffa sponges a few weeks ago. They turned out really lovely and I’m going to have to get Chris to cut them for me. Maybe one day when we have beeswax I’ll make soap and the luffa will pair nicely with the soap as gifts!

+I’ve been listening to a lot of food/sustainability podcasts lately and one of them discussed organic bananas and the banana industry. It was a bit of a revelation because I don’t usually pay that much attention to buying organic bananas. Bananas are generally very cheap to begin with and the podcast was discussing that even organic bananas are relatively cheap in comparison to other organic produce. So, the other day when I was at the grocery store I looked at the price difference and conventional bananas were 49 cents a pound whereas organic were only 69 cents a pound. Not much of a difference. The reasoning was the while the pesticide residue might not penetrate through the skin and into the fruit itself, the workers themselves are subjected to the pesticides. So, it is a little bit beyond thinking about yourself and thinking about others. This could actually be applied to a lot of other instances too, but when considering the price of food items I don’t feel like a 20 cent difference is much of a big deal when other fruits and vegetables can be several dollars different in terms of conventional or organic. And if you are just beginning to go organic, why not start with bananas?

+Totally started this on Sunday but had no urge to finish writing so here I am on Wednesday writing….

+Have you been to Sprout Dispatch lately? My brother and I did a video blog when I was home a couple of weeks ago. Today he wrote about his trip to a local farm. Chel recently wrote about interesting garden gadgets and showed some beautiful photos of her container garden. Come over and say hi or hit the subscribe button and have it show up in your feed or email!

+My brother also wrote today about some changes going on with his family in regards to health and diet. I’m happy to see these things going on! Little changes turn to big ones….

+Renee is having a sale on her art in anticipation of her second little one arriving soon.

+Lean Way In via Almost Fearless

+These beautiful succulent gardens via Far Out Flora.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ve not felt the blogging writing or reading vibe lately but I’m trying to get back here.

Tell me what’s going on in your world….

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