Spring in My Brother’s Garden

I hadn’t been up to DFW to see my family since Christmas, (keeping your head down and working in the garden every weekend for three months straight will do that to you), so a couple of weekends ago I drove up to see my grandmother whose mental condition (and physical) had deteriorated more recently. I also hadn’t been to my brother’s house recently to see the changes in his garden so I decided to stop by and check it out. The weather was beautiful, sunshine and late springtime temperatures instead of late winter temperatures.

Of course my nephew Grayson came along for the garden tour.



My brother lives in a typical suburban subdivision about a mile from my parents. He’s done a lot with the lot, fitting in flowers and vegetables where he can and recently expanded the garden a bit leaving enough room for the kids to have an area to play. Here you can see his compost bins in the background. You can see that nothing fancy is needed to have a place to build compost for your garden.

Zoe showed me her recently planted radishes hanging out in the storage container. She’s grown so much and the toddler/little kid phase of her life is fading fast with the big kid phase coming on quickly.

Curt is pushing some climate zones with his citrus tree, winterizing it as needed.

I could definitely tell that the garden is an area that the kids explore and play in when their dad is outside working.

My brother is a garlic wiz and I can only hope our garlic crops turn out as good as his crops do.

A multitude of pet dogs and cats find their way into the garden sometimes so my brother has to protect some of the crops from being trampled or used as a litter box.



Curt’s working on a couple of different growing methods right now. The bare space is covered in clover as a cover crop and he’ll eventually grow straight in the ground there. Most of his beds are raised as you can see.


And finally the onions.

He’s been growing out of this garden for I think six years now and every year it evolves into something different.

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  • chel

    I love the kids *in* the garden. Gracie had bad eczema on her hands for a long time, so she had terrible cracks and cuts all the time, and so dirt on her hands scared her (and hurt!) She’s still sort of getting over that. I’m hoping someday she’ll be out there with me. I know she participates in the big garden at school.

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