Dusk Is Falling…


Right now it is raining, a light drizzle, enough for the water to pour off the roof and for me to hear the *ting* of drops on our metal roof. The sky brightened for a minute, perhaps a thinning of clouds for the late evening sun to glow through just a bit, but now the sky is darkening once again. The light there for a moment was a yellow-green, the colors of the newly opened leaves of the trees and overgrown grass reflecting back up into the atmosphere.

Last night it rained heavily after dark, lightning dancing across the sky and the cymbals of thunder booming after. The forecasters had stated it would rain all day and yet the rain didn’t find its way to our area until well late in the day. I waited for the power to go off, wondering if it would be some funny prank of Mother Nature to turn my power off after my meter pole had been leaning for over a week, threatening to fall any-day-now, but had been fixed and put upright just that morning. The pole began to lean after a tree on the other side of the fence broke its limb and fell on the line running to the house. As the power company didn’t claim the meter pole it was up to us to have the meter pole fixed. All of that just furthered our need to do some trimming and removing of a few precarious limbs and trees that are over the line running to our house.

It’s amazing how fast things are growing now that it is spring. I think the grass woke up one morning and grew three inches, then four, then before long it was time to mow.

We’re getting our bees here in two weekends. I’m nervous. Mostly because I’ll be primary beekeeper once they arrive as Chris will be back in the field once again. I guess I’m going to have to get used to being stung and get it over with. My first incident with a sting like that was with a wasp two years ago in Big Thicket National Preserve. It was several seconds before I realized what had even happened.

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Twitter you might have seen I’m not there. I deactivated both accounts. I’ll likely be back soon. You know how they can become cumbersome, annoying and overwhelming? Or, maybe that’s just me? Anyway, it was easier for me to just deactivate than ignore and the times I do this are always rewarding. But you can always send me an email or write here!


I watched this osprey crash into the pond the other day and snatch a fish for dinner. He only let me get one photo before taking off.


  • Chiot's Run

    I actually was wondering where you were on FB, tried to find you there. I was thinking about the electric pole and tried to look you up to see if there were any updates. I know exactly how they can become so overwhelming at times. In addition to cost, one of the main reasons we got rid of our cell phones was to have the ability to completely get away from being in constant contact everyone. Sometimes we just need time away and know that when we do come back to our computers we won’t be hit with hundreds of updates.

  • JessicaR

    I always get the urge to walkaway from FB sometimes. Twitter I use more for news so it’s really handy. FB on the other hand. I haven’t deactivated buy I am on there considerably less. I’ve found the “unsubscribe” button to be very handy, lol.

    Beautiful pic. 🙂

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