More Scenes At The Potting Bench

I shared the View From The Potting Bench last week, but here’s what is actually going on *on* the potting bench.

This potting bench was actually here when we arrived. It really needs to be rebuilt and fixed. The legs of the table are bent in a few areas and it isn’t quite stable. I miss the potting bench we had in Florida. I found it via Freecycle and picked it up from someone else when we lived in Pembroke Pines. They had two at the time, a small and large one, but I was only able to take the larger one as it would only fit on our little porch at our townhouse there. Then we sold the bench when we had our great plant sale before we left Florida. It was a little bittersweet to get that go so I was definitely happy to see the potting bench stayed when the people who sold our house to us moved out.

I started the sweet potatoes a week or two ago and they had been residing on the floor of our porch. However, the feral cats had been drinking from the cups and I would come home each day to find them knocked over. I figured they would have better success if I moved them to the potting bench, but I’m pretty sure the cats still jump up there too.

Chris found a place online that sold jack-in-the-pulpit bulbils and bought a bunch. Now we have a flat of jack-in-the-pulpits that will eventually be planted in the new section of our flower garden when it gets built. It should also be noted that the deer love the greens from these.

I really love the light surrounding this potting bench, particularly in the winter when the leaves are off the trees.


  • chel

    Right now my potting bench is our old outside dining table- we got it when we moved in to the house but NEVER ate outside and so after the hurricane, we completely re-organized the lanai and moved it against the wall and – presto!- perfect potting bench. Tom eventually wants to build me a custom one, but it’s so much nicer to have a surface to work on after having to sit on the paver ground before I had the table!

  • Moosie

    I’ve always wanted a potting bench, but will never have one. Kinda like most of my other dreams. I’ve given up on dreams, they are stupid. Just get though one day at a time now. Tomorrow may never come.

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