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Hohenberger Farmstead on the Old San Antonio Road

Hohenberger Farmstead: Old San Antonio Road

If you’ve ever driven around Texas for any length of time you’ll likely find yourself passing a brown sign pointing to a historical marker off to the side of the road. Many times it just faces a field, but sometimes they are in front of actual buildings. Chris and I were driving from Fredericksburg to Old Tunnel State Park on the Old San Antonio Road when we saw a long stone wall that went on for perhaps a mile. Then we came upon this house and since we had a bit of time to kill before getting to the state park I had Chris turn around so we could check out the building.

Hohenberger Farmstead: Old San Antonio Road
Stone walls are not common in Texas like they are in parts of the northeastern US. If you are to find them then the Hill Country would be an area to see them as this area is rich rocks.

Hohenberger Farmstead: Old San Antonio Road
We couldn’t tell if someone actually lived there or if it was run by a historical society, but we did see modern wind chimes on the front porch.

Hohenberger Farmstead: Old San Antonio Road
I was glad we stopped. Before we arrived at this stop we’d passed the old town of Grapetown and saw several old buildings there as we whizzed past on the highway.

More information on the Hohenbergers. Worth a stop if you are in this area!

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  • Stacey

    Aren’t these old buildings beautiful to look at? I love stone work like that! Thank you for sharing your treasure that you found along your journey!

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