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May 14, 2012

May 31, 2013

I was going back through the photos we took on one of the visits we had to our house when we were contemplating making an offer on it to look at a tree Chris thought was leaning a lot more than when we moved in (it’s not, it was leaning just about the same then) and found the photo of the driveway and front of the house and knew I had to take a photo of how it looks now to compare.

It is hard to see all of the changes but the most evident is that the grass is so much greener this year. I noticed that in other photos we took around the yard as well. Part of it is that we’ve had more rain this year and part of it is likely we’ve been taking better care of the yard—we don’t weed and feed the yard though. It’s a mix of grass with other herbs and weeds. We’ve also cut down some trees that were dead, and most recently the oak that was leaning over the powerline on the right side of the driveway. We also removed the crape myrtles; they were nice but ill placed.

Looking at the photos helped me realize just how much progress has been made on the outside of the property. We have some work to do on the inside still but hopefully this Fall we can work on those items.


  • Jolene

    I am trying to get my grass to grow thicker. We have so much moss growing, and bald patches. I think I am going to try some seed. I’m hesitant to use any fertilizers – especially because of the dog, though I did try a patch mix that had fertilizer mixed in on the front lawn. The grass around the patches is healthier looking, but I didn’t get any new grass. We also switched over to a reel mower – and I’ve been happy with that and hope it helps with natural fertilizing!

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