You can almost scratch and sniff through the computer screen. The aroma is pretty heady, even more so in the evenings.







Our gardenia bush is at back of the house near our porch. Chris cut it back after we moved in and it has put on a lot of growth, looking much healthier. I took a couple of pieces from the trimmings he had sometime in late winter and attempted to root them. I’d had success doing this from a plant I found at a park in Florida so I wanted to try again. So far one has succeeded and put on a leaf and the other hasn’t done anything but still looks like it might survive. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the cuttings, but sometimes its the process that matters most.


  • chel

    Wow- these are beautiful. I didn’t know you could grow gardenia from cuttings! Now I’m going to go crazy with them. We have a few gardenia bushes and they vary in success, but they smell SO good!

  • Chris

    I SO miss gardenias! We have a couple bushes at our place in Lake Placid. Hope they’ll be blooming when I get down there later this month. Gardenias and orange blossoms = 2 of the best smells on earth!

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