Multiplying Onions




When I was at my parent’s house over Mother’s Day weekend I dug up a couple bulbs of multiplying onions that my mom had in her small raised bed. I believe she received them from my brother. There was a conversation a couple of years ago about the desire to find multiplying onions as someone in my family had grown them, probably my grandmother, once upon a time. They were difficult to find, but you can find them through that link above. I have a desire to add more perennial vegetables to my garden and multiplying onions sound like a perfect addition. Right now the plants I dug up are in a container until we get the perimeter vegetable beds built that will be along the vegetable garden fence. Those beds will be for vines, perennial vegetables, and herbs.

I’ve also got a tree collard cutting that is starting to take. That’s another interesting plant for another post!

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