June Harvest

Black from Tula
Black from Tula

Ceylon Red
Ceylon Red

German Johnson
German Johnson



French Breakfast radishes

Schimmeig Striped Hollow
Schimmeig Striped Hollow

Strawberry Popcorn
Strawberry Popcorn

Striped Togo Trifele
Striped Togo Trifle

Black from Tula and Sriped Togo Trifele
Black from Tula & Striped Togo Trifle

Orange Tomatoes

Scallop Zucchini
Monster squash

The heat is killer now. Sometimes I am tempted to get up early in the mornings just to work outside but then I laugh at myself and realize just how crazy that is—me, get up? Nah! Although, I have been getting up early to rollerblade a few times a week—some weeks—when I manage to get up after Leo pokes me in the face with his paw a million times.

But, it is hot. Now I try not to work outside until 7pm and then I end up working out there until 8:45 when the sun is set and dusk is falling fast. Now is the time of year it seems like I just mowed and I’ve gotta mow again, or I just picked those weeds and now I’ve gotta pick them again. So much to do.

Tonight I am going to plant a night blooming cereus, which has a couple of flower buds on it that I am excited to see bloom. It was a $2 special at a local nursery several months ago—the fall maybe?

And there’s no rain in sight. At all. 10-20% is not a chance in my book. Ok, so an afternoon t-storm could show up, as it did a week ago when I was in the middle of mowing the backyard. I pulled the lawn tractor under a hickory for a few minutes hoping it would pass but it didn’t so I had to finish mowing later on in the week. But that’s it, which means I’ll be doing some hand watering for trees around the yard.

It’s hot. That’s really all I’ve got to say…the veggies are hanging on there, I’m hoping to get more tomatoes but we’ll see about that now the temperatures are high. I guess there won’t be any canning going on this summer.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods???

Also, drop by Sprout Dispatch tomorrow for the first in our summer garden tour series!


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