New Jersey, Appalachian Trail Some songs that are reminding me of summer, particularly of walking along the mid-Atlantic and New England states three summers ago. This feels like it will be a very enjoyable, full summer. I feel like I didn’t get a summer last year with the move to the house—the unpacking, the flooding, […]

Beaver On The Pond

I went to a community meeting for our little town a couple of weekends ago and the council mentioned that they’d had problems with beavers in the past and that we should mention if we saw any on the pond. My hand shot up so I could mention that we’d scared something off the banks […]

Multiplying Onions

When I was at my parent’s house over Mother’s Day weekend I dug up a couple bulbs of multiplying onions that my mom had in her small raised bed. I believe she received them from my brother. There was a conversation a couple of years ago about the desire to find multiplying onions as someone […]


You can almost scratch and sniff through the computer screen. The aroma is pretty heady, even more so in the evenings. Our gardenia bush is at back of the house near our porch. Chris cut it back after we moved in and it has put on a lot of growth, looking much healthier. I took […]

Then & Now | Changes At The House

May 14, 2012 May 31, 2013 I was going back through the photos we took on one of the visits we had to our house when we were contemplating making an offer on it to look at a tree Chris thought was leaning a lot more than when we moved in (it’s not, it was […]

Natives of Texas Nursery | Kerrville, Texas

Last weekend while in the Hill Country we wanted to stop at a couple of nurseries to scope out what might be for sale in a different region than where we are in southeast Texas. We found a very tiny place near Bandera with a couple of cacti that were of interest, but didn’t buy […]

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