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Honey Harvest | A Video

We harvested two bars of honey this morning! The bees are in crazy comb making mode right now and Chris thought we might be able to nab some honey from them while they are still building comb and storing up for the winter. Around 6:58 the volume goes off, so no it isn’t your computer. I forgot to turn the volume back up for that segment and didn’t realize it until the video was uploaded. Sorry! I’m a newbie at this video editing stuff. Around 8:30 we switch to indoors and show you the crushing up of the comb.

This was our first time noticing small hive beetle in our hive which means we’ll be keeping a close eye on that population and killing any by hand that we see.

Enjoy! I promise to get better at video editing in the future!


  • Tracy Barr

    How much honey do you have to leave behind for the bees for the winter? I thought you said you would not be harvesting until next year!

  • Chris

    Hay Tracy! The bees have build out comb and produces honey much faster than we were expecting. They have 4-5 bars of honey still in the hive and will produce more before winter comes. We’ll leave them at least 8-10 bars of honey for the winter, and then whatever is left come spring we will be able to harvest.

  • chel

    so cool! did you ever figure out why they were up at the top? And can you harvest beeswax? A long long time ago, when I was in physical rehab after a grueling surgery, they put beeswax on my scars to make them less rigid. i have never been able to find straight pure beeswax but it was like a miracle- it helped so much (especially since the doctor stitched my skin into muscle- ugh).

  • chel

    And did you say that you saw crushed bees? Is that just one of those things that come along with having a hive? You guys are so calm. I don’t mind bees, but if I had a bunch buzzing and flying at me, I’m not sure I could keep my composure.

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