Propagating African Blue Basil

Ignore the old masking tape tags there…. I started taking cuttings of my African Blue Basil in hopes of containerizing it for the winter and replanting in the spring. The plant won’t take a freeze, as evidenced by the plant I bought last fall dying last winter, so I thought I’d help continue on this […]

Compost Bin Update

As I was putting plant materials on the right side of the bin yesterday evening I thought that I’d post a short update on how the composting is going. You can read how it was built and what it looked like when it was started for a frame of reference. As you can see we’re […]

Backyard Birding

The waterbody we live on is named a lake but really it is more of a pond. There’s another pond adjacent to this one with a few other houses on it as well and it also has a lot of wildlife. Here you see a single roseate spoonbill and a plethora of black bellied whistling […]

Waiting for Fall

Just a few trees and plants are beginning to work themselves into fall foliage changes. Some are just calling summer ‘done’ and switching over to hibernation in favor of not putting up with the drought any longer. The ones that are truly beginning to turn colors are the mulberries like the one in our backyard. […]

On Writing A Book

Writing is hard. Much more difficult than I imagined. And it’s not like I’m writing a completely made up fiction story here, I’m writing about something I actually did. Two years ago, late summer 2011 at about the same time of year it is now—the sun adjusting its position in the sky, the flora preparing […]

Miracle Fruit Season

Our miracle fruit tree (Synsepalum dulcificum) is looking a bit like Christmas with the deep red fruits decorating the tree and contrasting greatly against the lush green leaves, like lights at Christmas. I went and checked on them last night and pulled this handful off the tree and there are several more that have ripened […]

Cibolo Creek

I’m trying to finish going through some photos from Memorial Day weekend when we went to the Texas Hill Country. The first part of the weekend happened to be a little rainy. One of those days we stopped by Cibolo Creek a place we’d been to before three years ago when we did a Texas […]

Snakes: Friends Not Foes

Over the weekend a friend of mine had a snake in her yard which she ended up killing due to its being near where her dogs were located. She didn’t know if it was venomous or not at the time and later posted a photo of it which her friend identified as potentially a rat […]

Kombucha Fun

For the uninitiated into what kombucha is, here’s a run down. Last week when I was at my parent’s house for my grandmother’s funeral I mentioned to my brother and sister-in-law that I wanted to try their kombucha. Stephanie, my SIL, had received a ‘mother/SCOBY’ as a present for her birthday. They’ve been happily brewing […]

Down By The Pond

We’ve had a group of Great Egret’s starting to roost around the pond and sometimes they come to hang out in our trees down by the water. Of course now this makes it difficult for me to photograph without scaring them off, which is what happened last night. I managed to get a few half-decent […]

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