Down By The Pond

We’ve had a group of Great Egret’s starting to roost around the pond and sometimes they come to hang out in our trees down by the water. Of course now this makes it difficult for me to photograph without scaring them off, which is what happened last night. I managed to get a few half-decent shots of them flying around.






I spotted this Argiope spider hanging out in the overgrown vegetation along the pond and rethought my plans of cleaning out the vegetation along the shoreline. I was planning on trying to remove some alligator weed and few other overgrown plants to clear up the edge a little so that some of the plants we’ve planted could get a chance. Royal ferns, spider lilies and a few others are being choked out by the aggressive vegetation.

Of course it isn’t a trip around the yard without some cats to follow you around.


Tom got a wild hair and decided that climbing the cypress tree looked like fun.




He then enticed Ruby to do the same thing and she didn’t get nearly as far up before turning around.

Little Callie (not to be confused with her sister Callie) snoozing on a tree stump.

And the always sad looking Fred. Sweet little dude.

Maybe I’ll try again tonight for better bird shots, it was overcast last night from a few stray t-storms in the afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Down By The Pond

  1. chel says:

    This is *so* lovely. We get a lot of interesting wild-life, but the screened in lanai prevents a lot of close observation (and since I don’t have much physical balance, “quietly sneaking out the door” isn’t too much of an option!) I’m so glad, though, that our cats can go on the lanai. It’s amazing having them out there. I’m hoping we can let Milo back out there soon- he started hunting the lizards and that was NOT going to happen under my watch so he’s indoor-only until he gets a little older.

  2. Gayle Bicik says:

    great pictures! I would have been laughing at the cats!!

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