Funky Fungus | Clathrus columnatus….I think.


Chris called me out to the garden the other night to say a really cool and interesting fungus was coming out. All it takes is a good rain like we had on Friday for all of the interesting fungi to come up around the yard, especially in the wood mulch in the garden.


It was mostly fully developed on Sunday and it wasn’t until I was up close and taking photos that I noticed the flies. I did not notice a smell that would attract the flies but after doing my Google search for identification I determined that since its common name is stinkhorn, that they are normally stinky. My Google search was roundabout too—something along the lines of ‘orange fungus folded over’ and looking through the images. I first landed on Pseudocolus fusiformis, which looks similar but Wikipedia offered up similar appearing species and that led me to Clathrus. Of course I’m not 100% sure this is the exact Clathrus species, but it certainly seems like it.

I love interesting fungal finds! If you like interesting fungus too, Leigh is always up to something interesting, creating knitted fungus art!

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