Two weekends ago we drove down to the coastal town of Matagorda for Chris’ birthday weekend. He wanted to do some fishing and I wanted to go camping. We ended up camping at the Matagorda Bay Nature Park which is located mostly on the Colorado River towards the tip of the outlet into the Gulf […]

Hive Inspection

It had been several months, really since we harvested honey that we’ve done any kind of good hive inspection. We’ve been in the hive a couple of times for small checks, but this time we needed to look to see if small hive beetle had completely taken over the combs and were hatching larvae. It […]

Garlic Planting Season

Planting garlic isn’t a quick turn around for reward in the garden. Taking nearly eight months or so from planting to bulb up enough to harvest, it is one plant that makes you wait but the reward is always great. Welllllll….if your planting has gone well. So far we have never had a good garlic […]


This is Sally. (Chris actually took this photo, I forgot that when I put the watermark on here.) Sally showed up on our pond about six weeks ago or so. Muscovy ducks aren’t normally on our pond, in fact I’ve never seen one here before Sally showed up. Which makes me wonder where she even […]

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