Reviewing The Year | 2013

I debated if I was going to do a review of the year or not like I see other bloggers doing, but then I went back through my archives from January of last year and though ‘Awww, I remember that!’ and decided I was going to give a whirl. First, a short run-down of my […]

Projects, Projects, and More Projects

A house….is full of projects. I mean, they are good projects and I love my house, but sometimes it seems never ending. The lists had been compiling in my head for long enough that today I sat down and wrote out everything we still needed to finish, such as the laundry room which is 90% […]

Dock Building

Chris has been itching to rebuild the deck and extend it out over the water for a full-fledged dock since we moved in. He’s had the pieces for the base of the dock stashed under our carport for months, staining them as he could. Finally, before Christmas he put them together and waited until today […]

The Faces of Christmas Eve

First up was Christmas Eve at my parent’s house with my brother, sister-in-law, and the niece and nephew. I think Grayson gets it this year more than last year as is evident in the photos below. Lots of great facial expressions from those kidlets this year! Next up we’re off to Chris’ side of the […]

Winter Solstice

Yesterday while it wasn’t raining and the air was a perfect 75* and balmy, I took a series of short videos around the garden. I was searching for the beauty that is hiding somewhere amongst the dead and brown in the garden. It’s there, you just have to look a bit harder. Today we’re expecting […]

Backyard Birds | December Edition

Top two: Bluebirds, an active group in our backyard. Third: Great White Egret Four: Mockingbird, looking fat and happy. Five and Six: Turkey vulture across the street. Love watching them fly the thermals, swooping through the air. Not pictured: the loud crows, despite my best efforts to locate them…the osprey that has been hanging around […]

The Almost Winter Garden

+Oakleaf hydrangea offers beautiful foliage this time of year. +A ginger shows the damage the freeze gave to tender tropicals. +Fred has to escape the wrath of Tom. +Chris harvested some carrots. Just a bit early for them. +The bees play hide and seek, scaring us a few weeks ago into thinking the colony was […]

Room for Rent | Owlets Wanted

Chris built a barred owl box out of old fence wood that came from his mom and step-dad. He built it on a whim over the last few days and we finally put it up in a tree this morning. I happened to be out on our balcony on the second floor this morning and […]

The Little Things

The last few weeks I’ve mostly avoided being in the yard or garden. I think I attempted to do a little bit early in the week of Thanksgiving, but for the most part it has been cold and dreary, and too depressing to be outside. Depressing because most items are dormant or have died from […]

9 Miles at Nails Creek State Park

Lots of photos, details at the end… Last weekend, still wanting to stretch my legs after our failed attempt on the Northeast Texas Trail, Chris and I decided to hike the Somerville Trailway starting at Nails Creek State Park out west of Brenham. Our AT friend RedHat lives that direction and we invited her to […]

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