The Almost Winter Garden

+Oakleaf hydrangea offers beautiful foliage this time of year.

+A ginger shows the damage the freeze gave to tender tropicals.

+Fred has to escape the wrath of Tom.

+Chris harvested some carrots. Just a bit early for them.

+The bees play hide and seek, scaring us a few weeks ago into thinking the colony was dead. We had a couple of days of warmer weather and all of a sudden they were all out. Apparently they hide well in their hive.

+Alyssum from seeds we sowed last spring. Some made it through the summer, a great surprise for me.

+The flowering ‘maple’—aka: Abutilon has weathered the cold and decided to bloom, a welcome delight in the garden.

+An alamo vine seed pod.

+Tom snooping around.

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One thought on “The Almost Winter Garden

  1. Moosie says:

    Fred sure does look like Red……

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