Thanksgiving Cactus | Schlumbergera truncata

As the basket of cactus hung from our guest bathroom shower curtain rod, it started blooming. This started late last week, and I made the note that this so-called Christmas cactus was more like a Thanksgiving cactus. I was being smart, joking about it. Little did I know there actually is a Thanksgiving cactus, a […]

(More) Canoe Explorations

We took the canoe out for another spin over the weekend. It was actually my first time on the pond. Yes, after living here for a year and a half, I still had not been on the pond. Of course now I think a spin in the pond needs to be a weekly ‘thing’. I […]

‘Diagon Radish’ + Loving Lately

+I pulled out the first daikon radish yesterday. When we planted the seeds Chris kept calling them Diagon radishes, a nod to Harry Potter. And thus, forevermore they will be Diagon radishes whenever we plant them. It was milder than a typical radish, we’ll have to cook it up in a stir-fry this week. Bookmarked […]

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