Evening Fog


It’s been a drizzly and rainy day here today. Grey, cloudy, dreary. At least the temperature was respectable, in the 60s. This after two nights of deep freezes, something we’re not used to getting often.

The rain is appreciated. It was nearing an inch at lunch and nearing two this evening when we got home. The depression in the front yard had ponded and the creeks we cross were swollen with muddy waters. ‘Our’ pond was rushing over the spillway and had inched up along the perimeter in some areas, though hadn’t come up much in our yard at all. It is within an inch or two of the new dock, which is nice to see so we can compare it for the future.

I walked out on our balcony, taking a break from hanging laundry up, and saw lots of debris moving downstream rapidly. From my vantage point it appeared to be a fishes, as you’d see salmon or trout bucking the current in a stream. Only it wasn’t fish, just dark, shadowy debris.

It’s a night for being cozy.


  • Nebraska Dave

    Misti, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Surgeries today are much different than years ago. To take out my appendix, three one inch incisions were made in the abdomen. One for the camera, one for the knife, and one for the sucker to remove the appendix. Total time under anesthesia was about an hour. Had it been a scheduled surgery, it would have been done on an out patient basis. No pain was felt and no adverse affects were felt during the overnight. In fact I felt so good, I had to be careful I didn’t do too much. I’m a full week into the recovery and expect the doctor to release me from restriction at his scheduled visit this next week.

    Your weather sure is different than here in Nebraska. The 40 something day today feels wonderful and it for sure we will all enjoy it here as February can be a terribly cold month as well.

    Have a great evening fog day.

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