Baby Teddy,  Family

A New Adventure

Chris and I have been thinking for awhile that we needed a new adventure, something to mix things up.


How’s this for an adventure?????


It got the trail name ‘Teddy’ today after this little pose. The ultrasound tech said it looked like a teddy bear in this position—supposedly this is the face and its arms are sticking out. I get the arms, not sure about the face part.

We were sent home with a great strip of first photos for Teddy, this is only half of them, the others are folded over on the other side….I could oogle all night long.

I’m 11 weeks, ‘Teddy’ should arrive somewhere the first week of September. I’ll write more tomorrow with some thoughts on the first trimester (only two more weeks left of that, thank goodness!). Don’t worry, this won’t become a mom blog. The baby will just be incorporated into our gardening, hiking, adventure, nature life.


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