Spring…around the corner??

It sure seems that way with our forecast for the next 10 days being in the 60s and 70s.


Even if spring isn’t around the corner, I think some plants in the yard believe it is. The crocus we planted last year are sprouting and blooming out in the right-of-way.



In the edible garden a lot of our greens are bolting. There’s a plethora of yellow blooms out there, so much so that they are attracting our bees!


One of the side by-products of the first trimester has been an aversion to vegetables. Therefore a lot of our greens have gone uneaten and I feel really guilty about that. I might be coming around a bit, maybe I can trick myself into eating some before I need to pull them and compost them.

I think we’re going to pull the spinach-mustard and plant some potatoes in this space. We’ve had the potatoes for a week now but it hasn’t been warm enough to get out and plant them.

Spring can’t come fast enough.


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