The Garden Waking Up

Dividing onions about to bloom. The dogwood in full glory. A red columbine. A yellow columbine. Forget me nots….finally a mystery plant solved. They came in the seed packet we spread last year and just now bloomed. Creeping phlox from my mom. Trilliums coming up after we put them in the ground last spring. Thought […]

A New ‘Yellow Bird’ Magnolia

Last year on Sprout Dispatch I wrote about the two ‘Yellow Bird’ magnolias we planted out in the front of our yard. Unfortunately both were hit up by the deer, the bucks thought it would be cute to rub their antlers on them and thus broke some branches off of the trees. One was damaged […]

Who’s That Crazy Doggie??

Back in 2008 and 2009 we dogsat Baloo while our friends Marc and Eliana went on a crosscountry roadtrip. During that time Baloo became part of the pet family and we really grew to love the dog. He went on hikes and adventures with us and was a lively and entertaining addition to the household. […]

A Hour at Fairchild | Part I

It’s really difficult to visit Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens in only an hour, but we did. Thankfully we were already familiar with the park otherwise I can’t imagine recommending anyone not familiar to visit it in only an hour. Really, you should spend half the day there if possible. It’s even more fun when they […]

There’s an Avocado in my belly!

OK, so there actually is one digesting in my stomach since we had fajitas tonight, but according to the fruit-of-the-week I get in my weekly pregnancy update emails from The Bump, this week the baby is roughly the size of an avocado! I told Chris this at our midwife appointment yesterday and he was like […]

Paddling at Riverbend Park

When Chris and I were planning out our Florida trip we knew we wanted to go paddling somewhere. It was a tie between the Loxahatchee River, one of Florida’s two National Wild and Scenic Rivers, or Fisheating Creek. Fisheating Creek was at the top of our list but the shuttle service to complete one of […]

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