A Basket of Carrots

This morning I pulled the carrots and daikon radishes in order to make room for tomatoes here in a few weeks. We’ve eaten a few carrots since they matured (planted them in October I believe) but haven’t really done a whole lot with them otherwise.



It took me about two hours to peel them—really, I just finished peeling them a few minutes ago. Chris will blanch and freeze them tonight so we can eat them later on in the year.


The daikon radishes had bolted, among the many other winter vegetables that have bolted in the last few weeks.


The biggest and longest daikon! I’ll probably take some to work to share but Chris will probably try to freeze them as per these directions. I think I’ll save one large one to try my hand at kimchi as well. I’m really avoiding pickling anything else at the moment until we can wheedle our way through the pickles that we still have.

It’s a gorgeous weekend once again, but unfortunately we’re going to have a taste of winter Sunday night and Monday. Let’s hope this is the last nip of frost for the year!

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