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Who’s That Crazy Doggie??

Back in 2008 and 2009 we dogsat Baloo while our friends Marc and Eliana went on a crosscountry roadtrip. During that time Baloo became part of the pet family and we really grew to love the dog. He went on hikes and adventures with us and was a lively and entertaining addition to the household. I don’t think Samson and Leo thought that, but we did!

We hadn’t seen the doggie since we left Florida in 2010. We attempted to see him in 2011 when we went on the Florida Trail but when we dropped by Eliana wasn’t home. Eliana and Marc weren’t home this time around either since they were traipsing in Eliana’s native Colombia, but I coordinated with her sister and mother and was able to drop by while here mom was there checking on the rest of their pets (1 dog, 6 cats, 20+ tortoises, some sugar gliders, and I feel like there’s another animal in there somewhere…). I was worried that Baloo wouldn’t remember us after four years but oh boy, he did!

We were lathered in licks and pets and tail wags…it was great!

He was too worked up to do some of his tricks like yowling while we yowled with him. We were able to get him to ‘shake’ and ‘high-five’. We taught him the high-five when we were watching him!

The pooch has definitely gotten a little older in his later years, with some white hairs mingling wit the charcoal-grey in his coat.






It was really difficult to leave without him! I was bawling as we left and still feel like we should have brought him home with us. I’d forgotten how much I loved that little doggie! You can see older photos of Baloo here.

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