The Fig Tree


The fig tree area of the garden is one of my favorite spots. Really, the fig tree worked out to be in the perfect location there on the side yard, fitting into the landscape perfectly. Currently there are many new plants sprouting beneath the tree, a lot of ferns, a few lilies, some different tropicals. Still biding our time for some of the tropicals to re-emerge…giving them only a few more weeks to appear before calling them toast. We’ll find something else for the spots where plants didn’t pull through.

I’m ready for a balmy summer evening where I can sit out under the fig tree and read, maybe nabbing a few figs off the tree when they are ripe in early July.

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  • Chris (Hubby)

    I know….isn’t it crazy…the little scragly fig tree that was tied up to the fence and then had to have the nylon rope cut out of it became such a great tree!

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