Green Tree Frog



We’re lucky that the area where we live is packed with frogs and toads. As dusk settles in the frog song escalates to new heights and sometime deep in the summertime it’ll be a cacophony of noise that we can hear inside the house. Someday I need to record it to share with y’all. Some of the frogs we see most often are green tree frogs, Hyla cinerea, like this one here. They love to tuck themselves around in between various plants and it is always a treat to find one.

Do you have any frogs or toads in your garden?


  • Patrice

    We apparently have lots of frogs here at RimRock! We hear them, but haven’t seen any. There is a small ponder a few hundred yards away, and I’m guessing they hang there. How in the world do you get those close-up shots? Zoom lens? Or do you really get that close?

  • chel

    Yes! Tons of them, living under my pots and containers. It’s gotten to the point that if I pick up any container, there’s several underneath. Now there’s a firm “no dragging” rule in the garden- when I started gardening, I moved the big heavy planters by dragging them around the lanai. But one day I did that and unexpectedly smooshed a tiny frog and I felt so bad I cried! So after that, no more dragging. I love listening to the frogs at night.

  • Moosie

    Just toads! One jumped out of the kids sand bucket yesterday morning on the patio and just about scared the pee out of me. I wish we had your frogs!

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