The edible onions keep attempting to bolt….they need to hold on another month or so until we can harvest them. I’m a little worried they aren’t bulbing up as much as they should be by now, but with a month or so left to go I can only hope they get their bulbing into high […]

Blooms, Blooms…Everywhere Blooms!

Chris grew these giant snapdragons last year and they returned this year from the roots, at least I think from the roots. The coloration of the blooms is gorgeous! A few muted maroon bluebonnets were mixed in with the blue-bluebonnets we bought. I’m still in love with the columbines blooming. I never would have thought […]

The Fig Tree

The fig tree area of the garden is one of my favorite spots. Really, the fig tree worked out to be in the perfect location there on the side yard, fitting into the landscape perfectly. Currently there are many new plants sprouting beneath the tree, a lot of ferns, a few lilies, some different tropicals. […]

Perimeter Bed Complete!

Back in February I wrote about the latest garden project we had going on. Well, last Sunday Chris finished it up in between mist showers by planting the azaleas we’d purchased in Nacogdoches the day before. We’d bought two native azaleas for our main flower bed from Cook’s Nursery just outside of Nacogdoches when we […]

19 Weeks and It’s A…

BOY! We had our appointment on Monday morning and promptly went in to the ultrasound room right away. The tech asked if we wanted to know the sex, which of course we did, and while Chris had full view of the screen the tech did a few measurements and then asked what we thought it […]

Sunday Thoughts

+It never fails that this time of year I get wistful for the Appalachian Trail. I didn’t really follow any hikes last year, but I’ve got a couple I’m keeping an eye on this year. +Renee Tougas and her family of five just recently started the trail. I’m particularly interested in seeing how their hike […]

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