Star Gazing




Somehow these lilies have evaded the deer this season. I’m not sure how or why, but they did. They tempted me for days with their buds, slowly swelling and then opening up to the beauty that they are. My mom was visiting over the weekend and commented that they looked like Stargazer lilies to which I replied that I didn’t really know. You know how it is with plant tags, they end up next to the plant right when you get the plant in the ground and then before long the tag is missing and you have no idea what the plant is. But Mom was right. I Googled ‘Stargazer lily’ and sure enough that’s what they appear to be. Their aroma is strong enough to get a whiff of on occassion as I pass through near the front door. I mistook it for the gardenia bush the other day and only realized later that it was indeed the lilies.

I’m going to be sad when their blooms fade and I have to wait until next year for another round of blooms. I guess I’ll put them on my radar to look for in mid-June!

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  • Gayle

    Stargazers are my favorite– make sure you don’t get the pollen on you – the orange won’t come out! Can’t wait for the weekend!

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