100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days: Days 59-65

Day 59: Spent the evening semi-organizing the baby’s room, discussing blankets and how many to keep out/where to put them.

Day 60: Hung some wall art in the baby’s room. Get your own here.

Day 61: One of the many treat times with the boys!

Day 62: Went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital…learned I don’t have to pump and dump to have a glass of wine post-baby!

Day 63: Impressed with the cushaw melon vine! It has really taken off—now if only the squash vine borers don’t attack it.

Day 64: No photo. Meant to take one of the cradle we’re painting.

Day 65: Still in a working mode for the baby’s room, but we got the decals up! (or I should say, Chris did most of the work.) Notice anything special on the wall??? 😉


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