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40 Weeks | Just Waiting Around

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Well, we made it to 40 weeks and to September! And here we are just waiting around. Nothing going on, no major signs of labor, just some mild cramping on occassion that turns into a whole lot of nothing. It’s even more annoying that a chick I follow on You Tube who has always been due somewhere around the same time as me posted a video that she was having contractions and would likely be in labor over the weekend. Insert pouty face here. It would have been great to have been able to go somewhere for the weekend, over to Austin or down to the beach, but no…gotta stay close just in case.

On Saturday we drove up to Sam Houston National Forest just to get away for a few hours. It’s only about 45 minutes away so nothing that far. We drove some of the back roads checking out what fall blooming plants were out, scoping out some red-cockaded woodpecker clusters, and watching as autumn attempts to make an appearance in this dreadful heat and humidity. We took a few photos out in front of the house (I told Chris too late that we needed to move the boots and bag on the porch…oh well, it will just show how things were as we lived our life waiting for the baby) and then a few out in a good beautyberry patch in the forest. Ah, being out in the woods made me just want to take off cross-country and see what we could find, just like we normally do when out exploring in the woods. Several creeks were passed and they all looked enticing to ramble around. In a few months…in a few months…I’ll get Teddy in his carrier and off we’ll go!

I have an appointment in the morning and we’ll see how that goes, but so far nothing is imminent on the labor front. I’m getting a bit bored hanging around the house. Yesterday I did some cleaning again and watched some movies on tv. I’ll probably do some more light cleaning today and we need to put some boxes away upstairs in the attic. Maybe I’ll dig out my crochet and make a few beanies for the baby that I’ve been meaning to make. We ventured out earlier to have lunch at Freebirds and did a few errands but now it’s back to doing things around the house. Chris keeps braving the heat and doing various projects outside such as adding additional bracing to the dock, painting some stools that were my grandfather’s, and washing his truck. I stare longingly at the weeds and overgrown plants that need to be tamed, the okra that is far past prime for picking, and just have to pretend it isn’t as insane as it all looks. The hummingbirds are back for their fall migration and so the occassional bird we’ve seen through the summer has been amped up to more birds flitting about, which means it is time to fill our feeders once again.

16 weeks
And here’s a look back to 16 weeks pregnant back in March. My hair has grown a lot since then! Still wearing pre-pregnancy jeans (not for much longer) and it was only the next week that I started feeling the baby moving around.

Send some labor dust my way, y’all!


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