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A Difference of Two Weeks

Misti Chris 1

Misti, Chris & Forest #2 091314

On Saturday, August 30th Chris and I went out to Sam Houston National Forest to take photos before Forest arrived. Over this last weekend we wanted to recreate the same scene to include Forest’s arrival so we drove out to the same spot in the forest yesterday afternoon to introduce Forest to the forest! Other than a trip to the pediatrican earlier in the week, it was his first trip out. Chris’ dad and step-mom were in for a few days to visit and so we made an afternoon of it, stopping for lunch in Montgomery before heading out to the forest. Timing his feedings with my own eating needs can be a bit precarious at the moment, but it all worked out. We got ourselves a spot in the corner and threw a blanket over his car seat and managed to all eat lunch without Forest waking up and asking for his own meal.

Out in the woods we stopped along the side road we had taken two weeks ago and I fed him while Chris and his dad walked around an area that two weeks ago had a field of liatris blooming. It looked like they’d come in and mechanically cleared the area, the underbrush of the red-cockaded woodpecker cluster, which was a bit disappointing. We had a few bumps along the way with a fussy baby who didn’t nurse enough only to get upset and want more a little while later and then a diaper change that was required. But, we got some photos and I think they turned out pretty well. I’m now wanting to capture as much as I can of this little guy before he grows up even more.

Misti & Forest #2 091314

Misti, Chris & Forest 091314

Misti & Forest 091314



This one is my favorite!





This is probably my other favorite despite that he has some sort of rash going on on his face. He’s in an awkward clothing size right now. He fit newborn clothes for all of 1.2 seconds, and while he can wear some 0-3 month onesies pretty well he hasn’t quite filled out enough for some of his 0-3 month ‘fancy’ clothes. We had to roll up his jeans and his button down shirt was a little bit too big for him.

I love, love, love this dude! Our little family is doing pretty good, still getting into the swing of things and trying to go with the flow around here.


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