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Forest at Two Weeks



Last week on Forest’s one week ‘birthday’, I decided that I needed to take weekly photos of him this year. Let’s hope that as time goes on that I don’t get lazy and forget!

Forest had his two week check-up today. He made us look like total rookie parents in the doctor’s office by first completely barfing up the bottle we were giving him, something he’s only done three times since he has been born, and then we couldn’t find the burp rags we had tucked into his bag so we had to suffice by cleaning him up with paper towels and Kleenex. Of course I found the burp rags later after I rummaged through his bag. And then there was a poo explosion on the exam table, so that was fun! On the good side, he’s growing like crazy and has surpassed gaining the weight he lost after being born, returning to his birth weight and then gaining an extra pound on top of that! The doctor told us that we could basically stop supplementing, something I’d already started tapering down or eliminating completely from a lot of his feedings. He has also grown an inch and a half since being born. We could tell he had grown quite a bit but weren’t sure just how much.

Something we’re thinking about giving him is a pacifier. We’ve had some rough evenings lately in which he has fed but then continues to go ape for several hours, acting like he’s hungry but not really nursing very well, latching and then pulling off only to whine and move his head around like he wants to nurse. The doctor thought perhaps he just needed to suck on something to soothe himself, so we’re contemplating adding that in when he gets so fussy that nothing seems to help. A lot of times we’d resort to giving him a bottle but he’d only drink a smidgen and just reject it too. It’s been a completely frustrating process during these frenzy times. And of course this has usually happened near bedtime and we’re just ready to go to sleep. I’ve been trying to let Chris sleep through it while I deal with it since he’s back at work, but sometimes I just need his support to get through the madness.

Sometimes his issue isn’t feeding, it’s diapers. Last night we changed five diapers in an hour during one of his ‘I’m hungry—no I’m not’ frenzies. They were all dirty in some fashion. The kid just does not like dirty diapers. Last Monday we transitioned to our Bum Genius cloth diapers. We were very happy to finally get started using them but after a few changings we quickly realized the 20 diapers we had were not going to be enough. I sent Chris down to Buy Buy Baby to get 15 more and I think we’ve got a good supply for now. It took a few uses to figure out which tab settings to set them to, but I think we’ve got them as snug as leak preventable as we can get at the moment. Switching to the cloth diapers has been an eye-opener for us, realizing just how expensive and wasteful disposable diapers are. We still have disposables on hand for when we may need them, but we’re definitely glad to have phased them out as our primary diapering source.

I got the all-clear to start walking for what is comfortable for me today, holding off on more strenuous exercises until six weeks postpartum. For this I am very thankful to be able to start doing a mile or two walks once again. I’ve lost about 30 lbs of my pregnancy weight with another 20 to go—yes, I gained 50 lbs with Forest! Add on another 15 to that to get back to my ‘happy with myself’ weight, I’ve got a good 35 lbs left to lose. I already feel skinny compared to what I was this summer, but I’m definitely not back to an kind of ‘fighting’ weight. The most glorious of all of this is that I have ankles once again! My feet aren’t pudgy!

I promise this space isn’t going to be a complete baby blog, but for the moment that’s what I’m wading through. I took a few garden photos the other day and I may try to post some of those soon. Until then, here’s some more photos of Forest!













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