The Garden’s Last Hurrah



The overgrown and weedy section near the bees.
















When I stole 10 minutes the other day to wander around the yard I also tinkered in the garden for a few minutes. My time spent enjoying the garden is practically non-existent now that the weather has turned cooler, the daylight is short, and I have returned to work. Weekends are spent trying to catch up on chores in the house and keeping the baby fed, changed, and happy. Gardening? What is that? Despite being a little sad that winter is coming, I’m glad at the same time—I can just abandon the garden and not worry about it until spring. I can’t even think about it right now….except I’m running into the typical issue many Creatives have, which is that I want to Do All The Things—which means I want to do all of my creative endeavors at the same time. But, that’s a post for another day…’cause Momma ain’t got time for Doing All The Things.

So, the garden…it is quite lovely in its mid-autumn downward spiral and it seems winter is approaching earlier than usual with some temperatures hitting the freezing mark already. The grey days are already here. This is good and bad…will probably be more bad for me this year since I won’t be outside enjoying the grey days and instead will probably stew inside far too often on the grey days. I’m not a stew indoors in the winter type of person—yes I enjoy my cozy and cuddly days and weekends but they need to be interspersed with trips outside to get keep my mind from going insane.

At least, though, we’re not in the northern climes where snow has already reached—that would just be too much!

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  • chel

    ahh, I can totally relate to the “DO ALL THINGS” desire. I have that going on all the time. Which is probably why I like taking classes so much- a part of me suddenly says “hey, this was an INVESTMENT and it’s time sensitive so you can’t do all things or even MOST things, you just need to do the class.” And suddenly the voice shuts down and I just… paint. Or draw. Or whatever the class is. Now that class is over… I’m feeling like I’m in a weird vortex of creative desires vs. the knowledge I do SO much better when I focus on one or two projects.

    I’m so sorry it’s the end of gardening season for you. We’re just getting started- we have three eggplants growing (inside the lanai, without me having pollinated them!) and the tomato plants are almost at 5′. It makes me feel better about dealing with the terrible summers- I just have to remember every April that the wet, dark season does end and things do grow again. And remember, by the time it’s gardening season, you’ll be so ready for it! You’re doing awesome!

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