Late November in the Vegetable Garden

Chris has been managing the vegetable garden for the last three months. He’s been great at tending the new seedlings, ripping out weeds, and lamenting the poor harvest of sweet potatoes. Next year—that’ll be our year for sweet potatoes and garlic—we hope.



The luffa was bit back by frost with the fruits ready to harvest. We should have plenty of dried sponges to share once again this year.

The brown cotton managed to survive my neglect this summer, going on to flower and produce the fluffy cotton bits you see below. It’ll die back with the freeze but I wonder if it’ll resurrect from the roots come spring. I had great luck keeping a sea island cotton plant back in Florida growing year round but I think we’re out of range for that to happen here.


And finally some black plum tomatoes holding on to their ratty looking vines. It’s beyond time to rip them out.

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