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Meeting Animal Statues | Forest Friday

Oh man, I meant to write here more this week but we were all three hit hard by whatever upper respiratory infection virus that is going around. Forest has had it longer so he seems to be recuperating better, though he is still snotty. Chris got sick but seemed to have it maybe the mildest out of the three of us, and I—well, I got hammered by it. Forest may have been hammered by it too, but it was hard to tell as he wasn’t always fussy. I thought I was on the mend on Wednesday and went to work after taking Monday and Tuesday off only to wake up on Thursday morning nauseous and with chills. Since Forest seemed better, Chris took him to daycare and I stayed home and slept the morning away. And while I slept I went through some serious sweat and chill spells which required me to take a shower when I got up. The first half of the shower was divine but the second half had me thinking I was going to pass out, complete with little spots floating about. Needless to say I ended up staying home the entire day and took a second long nap in the afternoon. I woke up this morning feeling slightly better, no fever and no nausea, but have been battling stopped up ears all day. I haven’t been this sick in five years when I had bronchitis and was out from work for four days.

I did want to write something this week so here’s a Forest Friday post with photos we took at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center the day before Thanksgiving. Forest was sleeping through all of these photos but I thought it would be fun to show him later on when he was grown up!





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