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Forest at 27, 28, & 29 Weeks




The biggest thing during these weeks occurred at around 28.5 weeks when Forest cut his first two teeth! His sleep had gone to crap earlier in the week after the previous week doing really awesome with sleep despite getting a stomach bug. Then, bam! Chris checked his teeth Saturday afternoon because he noticed Forest was really going to town chewing on his ‘chew toy’—yes, totally like a dog—and the drool was just insane. Sure enough two little teeth were poking through his gums! I really didn’t expect him to cut teeth for a few more months but now he’s got two of them. The sleep hasn’t quite returned to what it was pre-teeth but it is getting a little better. Let’s just say coffee is my friend every morning when I get to work.

Forest has returned to not wanting to roll back over onto his back after he’s gotten bored with being on his belly. He’ll do it every once in awhile but he likes to stick his limbs in the air and whine for someone to come help him back over. I honestly think he’s just sick of being on his belly or back and is ready to sit up but he’s just not ready to sit up on his own. I’ve been better about sitting him up and barely holding him so he’ll work his muscles a bit, but he wobbles a lot and slumps over quickly. I haven’t tried the Bumbo-esque chair since I tried it in late January, but maybe I should? I keep seeing suggestions to use a Boppy but I’ve tried it and that hasn’t helped at all. Oh well, he’ll get there in his own time.

On the food front I haven’t been very diligent with food in the last week or so. He had a stomach bug and then came down with an allergy/cold thing, and between the snot and new teeth I’ve held off. A week or two ago I got a few jars of baby food at the store to see how he’d like that. Let me tell you, spoon feeding is not fun. The kid wants to do it himself. He’s not at the spot in BLW where you give a pre-loaded spoon and they put it in their mouth, I think that’s 8-9 months, but I let him hold the spoon alongside me and he shoves it in his mouth. Then he takes hold and sucks the spoon, bangs it around and then I have to pry it out of his hands so I can load more food on it. I definitely prefer him feeding himself. He enjoys it more.

Chris has been concerned on the choking front with some of the BLW which is why I tried the baby foods. I think they have their place and I’ll definitely incorporate them but after some conversations with Chris and reading online, and based on Forest’s reactions so far to solids, I think mushing softened pieces of food and having him hand feed himself is probably the way to go for the moment instead of the sweet potato ‘fries’ and other chunks that he can bite off. He’s still working on tastes in general and anything new gets a puckered face followed by a shake of the head like, “What was that?” I’ve tried applesauce a few times and each time he’s not so sure about it. On the other hand he really took to the zucchini, spinach, quinoa baby food blend from the store. I think he likes the avocado, too, but grasping that is just a pain. I want Forest to like tastes and textures and not wait to introduce those while relying on ‘baby foods’ for months on end—plus spoon feeding is for the birds—but I’m also taking into consideration Chris’ concerns, and mine to a lesser extent. Right now we’re only doing dinner during the week and on weekends I try to add in another meal but as the weeks go on I’d like to incorporate breakfast along with dinner during the week.

The last few nights we’ve tried a few new items, bananas being the one Forest has liked best. I tried it in a mesh feeder that you’ll see below. He liked that he was able to hold onto something better and I think he thought it was tasty. I also cooked an acorn squash which he wanted to like but not much made it into his mouth. We had mashed potatoes for dinner tonight and Chris tried feeding him a little bit of that and he actually ate some but then got really mad after so we think the spices in it might have thrown him off. I need to introduce a cup soon so that he can sip a bit of water with dinner for those instances.

I guess that’s about it! He’s a sweet little squishy!





























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