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    Breastfeeding | Eating & Wearing

    Instead of doing a long write-up I shot a video instead of how I make my lactation oatmeal as well as a review about some nursing tops I bought from Latched Mama a few weeks ago. The nursing sports bras I mention were these from Target but they aren’t showing up on Target’s site any longer. You may be able to find them in the stores still. There’s a cute baby apperance about halfway through. 🙂

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    Current Podcast List

    I’ve written about podcasts I listen to a few times before but I figured it was time for another list. Motherhood +One Bad Mother +The Longest Shortest Time Fitness/Healthy Living +Rich Roll Podcast By far my favorite fitness podcast. I’ll even forgive him for having the Food Babe on a month or so ago. +Lift Like A Girl Podcast +Real Food & Beyond +Strong Woman Radio +Rise & Resist +No Meat Athlete TV/Books +The Scot & Sassenach An Outlander tv show podcast +Picture Shows & Petticoats My cousin Elizabeth’s podcast for period piece tv shows. Usually they cover Downton Abbey but she’s also covering Outlander. I’ve been a guest a…

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    I’m in one of those spells where I need to be quiet despite the fact that there is all sorts of stuff rattling around in my head that needs to be written here. Needs. It doesn’t necessarily need to be written, but I want to write. I like going back through my archives on occasion and seeing what I’ve done in some particular period of time. It gives me a reminder that when I feel like life is just hectic or complicated and hairy, that I was enjoying something at any given time—even if it was just that a plant was blooming in the garden. Last week I spent a…

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    Forest at 30, 31 & 32 Weeks

    What’s up in Forest’s world these days? Forest attended his first wedding last weekend when our coworker got married in a tiny town in south-central Texas. Forest was able to let the bride get down the aisle and an opening word said from the priest before he decided he wanted to be more active than I wanted him to be, so we hung out in the foyer at the back of the church for awhile. Later we escaped outside with the rest of the adults who had children under 2 that were more vocal or active than is needed for a wedding. On the solid food front our efforts with…

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    Forest had his first experience on a swing at Mimi and PawPaw’s house over Easter. I think overall he was quite happy about the experience and I wish we had a good limb at our house for one. Unfortunately most of our trees are tall without low limbs, though there is the live oak by the street—but it is by the street. On Saturday my mom, sister-in-law Stephanie, Forest, and I did a 5K walk fundraiser for my mom and Stephanie’s church. We successfully walked it in under an hour despite the air turning chilly that morning. I did not plan for cool weather so Chris, Forest and I had…

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    Fresh Air at Tandy Hills

    Castilleja purpurea, purple paintbrush Wild onion flowers New trail Where the old trail was… On Good Friday we drove up to Ft. Worth for the Easter weekend. We got up early and made good time, stopping just twice to change and feed Forest. Always in a Tex-Mex mood when I hit the DFW area (because, seriously, Houston doesn’t compare to Tex-Mex in DFW) we went to Mexican Inn on East Lancaster in Ft. Worth, my parent’s old stomping grounds growing up. It was only a hop and skip across the road to Tandy Hills and I wanted to scope out the wildflowers. Unfortunately we were a few weeks early for…

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    Early Spring Blooms

    I keep thinking that maybe we’ll actually catch up in the garden, get ahead of the new growth and get the weeds in check, but it is a slow going process. I just don’t have the time to devote to it as I normally do and Chris is busy doing other yard work a lot of the time and isn’t as focused on the flower garden as I am. Still, the garden is growing and blooming away. Anomatheca laxa, woodland painted petals Moss coming up in a pot on the potting bench. The pine tree log ‘pot’ is filling in nicely. The leaves on the fig tree are coming out…