Current Podcast List

I’ve written about podcasts I listen to a few times before but I figured it was time for another list.


+One Bad Mother
+The Longest Shortest Time

Fitness/Healthy Living

+Rich Roll Podcast By far my favorite fitness podcast. I’ll even forgive him for having the Food Babe on a month or so ago.
+Lift Like A Girl Podcast
+Real Food & Beyond
+Strong Woman Radio
+Rise & Resist
+No Meat Athlete

+The Scot & Sassenach An Outlander tv show podcast
+Picture Shows & Petticoats My cousin Elizabeth’s podcast for period piece tv shows. Usually they cover Downton Abbey but she’s also covering Outlander. I’ve been a guest a few times during the first half of season 1 back in August and recently joined for the first episode this half of season 1 and will be reappearing again soon!
+I also listen to a variety of shows from AfterBuzz TV for Scandal, Mad Men, Better Call Saul, Homeland, Downton Abbey, to name a few.

+Ferm Up A Fermentation podcast
+Fermentation Podcast Another fermentation podcast

+The Girl Next Door
+Elise Gets Crafty
+Pickled Okra My cousin Elizabeth’s podcast with her friend Jolene.
+Radio Free Burrito from Wil Wheaton. Just discovered this one.

+Pox & Puss Podcast AT related for the most part and generally hilarious!
+Trailside Radio A PCT thru-hiker is doing this one as he hikes the trail this year. I really loved the second episode where he interviewed two female hikers who often hike solo.
+The Trail Show I was interviewed by them about the Florida Trail last year! I like to listen in big globs, waiting a few months and then listening to a couple of shows at once.

I also will randomly listen to episodes of Invisibilia, Freakanomics, This American Life, RadioLab, and a host of other NPR/public radio type shows. There are also other podcasts I listen to but not on a regular basis and usually just to check to see if there’s a topic I think I’ll enjoy that they are covering.

Got any recommendations?


  • lisa valinsky

    I’m a big fan of The Lively Show by Jess Lively. She interviews all kinds of inspirational people, including lots of authors and bloggers. I often finish the podcasts feeling uplifted and refreshed.

    Love Elise Gets Crafty too!

  • Patrice

    So we have never listened to any podcasts, but after reading your post, we figured we’d try “Trailside Radio” on our current road trip (from CO to VA). It is so good!! We are going to try Pox and Puss next.

    Have you heard of Serial? It is a podcast by a reporter interviewing a guy convicted of murder and jailed in the late 90s. It is so good!!!

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