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Famous Trees of Texas | The Zachary Taylor Oak ( Tree 73 )

For the original scope behind this, visit here for our first trees.

Right before we headed off for vacation earlier this month I grabbed the Famous Trees of Texas book to scout out any trees that might be around our vacation destination. I found three that were within reach, including the tree I am writing about here. The others we didn’t end up getting to, though one of them, the Goose Island Oak, we went to five years ago on our Texas roadtrip post AT thru-hike. I also visited it as a kid with my parents. Anyway, we didn’t make it back to that tree for it to count on the Famous Trees of Texas trip—plus, we have to include Forest on it!—and we also didn’t get to hit up the tree in Corpus Christi that I had noted.

My parents were with us when we went to visit the tree and in all of their years of coming to Rockport they had never seen the tree. It was just south of the downtown area, tucked away on a quiet side street in a park.

As you see the tree has some help in standing up. I’m sure it doesn’t have a lot longer to live, especially if a hurricane came through the area.



The original dedication signage.



There was a sister (brother?) oak nearby.

The peacock stole the show, I think! At least for Forest!


More information about this tree.


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