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Tomatoes from two years ago on this date.

In My Head
I’m thinking about Autumn! I am so thrilled that the weather is thinking of cooling off and am very excited about camping and hiking trips! Going outside in the summer isn’t so bad for myself but we’ve kind of kept Forest out of it since he was so little this year. The heat just isn’t something to joke around with here, especially paired with the humidity. I will be happy to be able to get out in the yard on the weekends and in the evenings during the weekdays for a few minutes with him now!

I’ve actually been thinking about a whole heck of a lot but I can’t really put it into words here!

Still just watching Masters of Sex, which should be wrapping up soon. I’m looking forward to Homeland starting in October as well as The Paradise—err, I just looked this up, there is no season 3 of this show! I severely disappointed! This was a great PBS/BBC period piece. booo! Ok, well, I guess Homeland is it.

Our library system is set up with several digital lending options, including one called Hoopla. I listened to an audiobook from it the other day and saw they have a lot of movies to stream as well. One particular caught my eye, Tiny, a documentary about small house living. I think I’ll be checking into documentaries soon!

Outside My Window
The changing light. Hummingbirds. Deer. The garden switching to slowly go dormant. Weeds. The neighbor across the pond added some dirt on his yard near the shoreline and now it looks like a beach over there. Right now as I sit typing this the sky is a tinge of pink, the mimosa tree is still blooming, and Chris and Forest ran down to the dock for a morning look-see before they head off to daycare.

In The Art Studio
Nothing much but I rearranged it a bit to accommodate our old kitchen table as my new crafting table. Which means I’ll be in there a lot more often very soon! I’m going to be starting my Project Life scrapbook soon as well. I’ve actually been thinking about crocheting once again. That hobby is very much a dark season hobby.

In The Garden
I’ve been spending time weeding the path once again. Hopefully the weed growth will slow down soon and it won’t be such a big deal. I need to tackle more weeds this weekend in preparation for Forest’s birthday party. This fall we need to replace several small trees that bit the dust either in the deluge this spring or the heat this summer. I thought we were going to lose our longleaf pine sapling last week—I saw several trees in the area looking like they had just hit that breaking point with the lack of rain and heat—and then we got a bunch of rain over a few days and I *hope* we got that haulted. It’s iffy at the moment. I’ll be disappointed if that happens because it had done really well since we planted it almost three years ago.

On that Hoopla site I streamed The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I had wanted to read it for awhile but didn’t necessarily want to buy it and I figured the wait list for a hardcover check out would be really long at the library. This was a 5 hour listen and very easy. I’ll do a formal review of it next month when I have a few other books to review, too. The main premise was “Get rid of the things that don’t spark joy.” And loosen the emotional tie you have to certain things.

A few blog posts to highlight:
+Speed Bumps On the Way to the Mail Box by Pure Florida
+Finding What’s Essential by Elise Blaha Cripe
+Scenes from Chesuncook by Patrice and Justin
+River Lover from 6512 and growing. When the news of the Animas River mining spill happened a few weeks ago I thought of this blog immediately. The family in this blog had recently written about their outings to the Animas and are into a lot of outdoor activities around that area. It’s a lot easier to identify with some disaster when you ‘know’ of someone directly affected, even if it is from behind the computer screen.

Still reading Wild and Illumination in the Flatwoods. I plan on using September to tie up some loose reading ends.

Ruta Maya coffee. Water. Pineapple juice flavored kombucha.

+The Matrimoney podcast! Money + Marriage…it’s great! They’ve already given me a lot of good ideas to think about. Definitely worth listening to.
+This Conrad Anker interview on the Rich Roll podcast.
+I’m just loving the idea of Autumn! I learned to love it so much when I lived in Florida. I mean, anything from October to April was just the best part about living in Florida. We get those glimpses here in my region of Texas with a just a couple of harder cold months, but I like to soak in what I can of the best months!


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