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Party Time!

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of birthday parties. My parents didn’t always have a lot of extraneous money so most birthdays were quiet family affairs. Even so, I’m still not a big party person (hello, introvert) but I knew that I definitely wanted to have a big bash for Forest’s first birthday. Since Forest’s birthday is so close to Labor Day here in the US we will always have a good option for throwing a party or doing a little weekend getaway as a little family.

For Forest’s first birthday we kept it pretty simple inviting my mom and dad, Chris’ mom and step-dad, and Chris’ dad and step-mom, plus my brother and SIL and Zoe and Grayson, and I invited a friend of mine and her two daughters that are my niece and nephew’s age. I also invited my uncle, my dad’s brother, but he was unable to attend. A simple cookout, cake smashing (round 2 for Forest!) and opening of presents, along with time spent outside enjoying the weather despite the mugginess. All in all it was a good party! I had a lot of plans in my head, some of which were manifested, some were not. The two I really wanted to do but was distracted and dealing with a baby who was having major sensory issues with the crowd in the house, were getting photos of Forest with each set of family and to also have the family record video for him.

Oh well.

Now for more photos!












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  • JessicaR

    Adorable! Love the cake smash.

    We’re small party doers here too. Only family and close friends for Connor’s first.

    Things get every more fun this second year! And more tantrumy too lol!

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