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The Dogwood Trail | Woodville, Texas

Last weekend as we were heading east down US 190 towards Martin Dies Jr. State Park we saw a brown sign pointing out the Dogwood Trail on the north side of the road. We knew the Big Thicket National Preserve was around the area but didn’t think a unit was right there and the Dogwood Trail did not sound familiar. After we got to camp I got on my phone and looked around but couldn’t find much information other than one review on All Trails. It looked interesting enough to check out, though. I tried looking again the following day and did end up finding a bit more information on a Texas Parks and Wildlife link which said that the trail was on timber lands, not public lands.

Well, we ended up on the trail and found it in somewhat decent condition in some sections but in desperate need of attention in other sections. The land was pretty though the creeks were dry. If you are on the more adventurous side and are in the area it is worth popping in to explore. We wished we had pants for this trail because the Smilax and blackberries tore our legs up, so put some pants on before going out.

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