On Being the Documentarian

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile and opted for doing a video instead. It’s long, like always!


  • chel

    I LOVED this. I agree with so much of what you said. Especially with Facebook- I’m just about done with it, i think. I rarely check regular Facebook anymore- I just have a feed for art companies and artists and check that a bunch of times a day for the visual inspiration.

    I found that Facebook itself has gotten too visual- instead of people writing personal posts and status messages, they are just reposting memes and images with words (IN ALL CAPS) on them from other people. It’s like a visual assault and you can’t really choose what you see. You can remove people from your feed, but then you miss the other stuff they post. And people don’t bother to read the typed stuff anymore. I loved it when it was just pages of people’s status messages. I know Twitter is like that but I hate the “just a sentence” aspect of it. I’ve never liked Twitter. It felt like little missives from people. It’s sad, but I think that’s why I’m spending so much more time reading blogs and watching vlogs on YouTube (my new favorite thing)

    I LOVE your early scrapbooks so much- they are exactly what I am going for with my scrapbooks. I lost it for a while when I went to more about “single theme/product coordination”, but it’s all part of life, right?

    Project Life was too restrictive for me- I had the same problem with the pocket protectors and had an issue with the borders- I just like having the whole page to play with. The planner thing is working for me because I get a whole page a week (plus one extra if I need it) and it feels like that helps to reign me in and get me going. If I know it’s only a page, it’s so much easier to do. Plus, I like having all topics and themes on a single page. I love ephemera and magazine stuff as well as photos and journaling, so I like being able to do a mish-mash.

    This was a great post- it’s one of my favorite topics! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    And blogging is not dead 🙂 so say us!

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