Currently: Late November

+In My Head
I need to get back on the workout wagon this coming month. November ended up being a wash since I spent so much of it with vertigo. I still have the vertigo but it seems to be mostly when I’m laying down or when I’m dealing with a lot of action in front of me that has me needing to try to absorb and focus on a lot of things. We went to Moody Gardens aquarium in Galveston over the weekend and some of their tanks had me reeling.

Christmas is around the corner and I am still in awe that we’ve come a full year from last Christmas. I’m looking forward to getting our tree and spending every evening upstairs enjoying the lights and ambience. Last Christmas I had a little kiddo who would sleep on the Boppy while I was up there. This Christmas he should be in his crib for most of it, but I think we’ll play upstairs a lot so he can enjoy it, too. The big fun will be keeping him off the ornaments!

Big Bang Theory and Homeland! A lot of people didn’t like last season’s Homeland because there was no Brody but I did enjoy that season. This season is even more different but I am completely shocked (as are others) at just how similar the season is panning out to current events, particuarly everything to do with Syria and the refugee crisis. From what I understand the show runners are being very adamant to state that this is a fictional show and it has nothing to do with current events, but damn, the writers did their research and must have used a fortune teller! It’s a very good season!

+Outside My Window
Typical winter in Texas: wet and cold. It looks pretty, though! I think we got peak leaf color a bit later than normal this year.

+In The Art Studio
I hung Christmas lights in the studio a few weeks ago and it has really changed the dynamics in there! I’ve been doing some scrapbooking but not as much this month. I’d like to get back over there a few nights every week in December.

+In The Garden
The vegetable garden is flourishing and I need to get back on top of the weeds. They aren’t too bad, yet, but the cool season weeds like chickweed and Carolina geranium are making their appe

Not much! Trying to play catch up on a stack of magazines and get back into a few books.

I just finished a blend from the Sprouts grocery store that was flavored and am now going through the Starbucks Thanksgiving blend.

I’m kind of flummoxed at the moment because there’s not a lot on my list! November was a bit of a bummer, like I said. It went quickly, I had vertigo, went to the dentist for the first time in *cough cough* six years. There’s really no excuse for the last four years. I had insurance the entire time. I just got lazy. So, the dentist turned into a lovely affair of cavity city. Now I’m going through the multiple sessions of deep cleanings and fillings. It’s so ironic because I’m the best teeth brusher in the house *and* I drink a ton of water. I also went my first 29 years without a single cavity. And here I am at 35 with a bazillion of them. Damn that aging thing.

Well, that was a downer of a first paragraph of a ‘loving’ post, right? SO…what do I love right now???

A walking toddler!!! He’s so awesome and it is fun to watch him figure it all out!
Christmas music!!
Leftovers from Thanksgiving! mmmmm!
A big project I’m working on that I’ll be debuting tomorrow! 🙂
My studio! I cleaned it up a bit and put Christmas lights up and now it is my little happy place!

Alright, what’s up with you lately?

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  • Patrice

    Ugh, I hate the dentist! I haven’t been in 2 years, which I thought was a lot until I read your post! I am dreading a visit … Glad your vertigo is better & excited to hear about your new project!!

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